Motorcycle Expert

Motorcycle expert analysis is a highly specialized discipline in which Dr. Lloyd is eminently qualified. In addition to holding a PhD in Ergonomics (Human Factors), with a specialization in Biomechanics, he holds several certifications in motorcycle accident reconstruction:

John also has more that 25 years experience as a proficient motorcycle rider.

John Lloyd motorcycle expertWithin the scope of his career as a motorcycle expert, Dr. Lloyd has completed numerous advanced motorcycle training courses, including:

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Experienced Rider Course
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Advanced Rider Course
  • Total Rider Tech
  • Ride Like a Pro

John’s interests in motorcycling began at the age of 13, when he built his first motorcycle and learned to ride. Since that time he has accumulated more than 25 years of technical expertise in the maintenance, servicing and repair of the many motorcycles he has owned. In addition, Dr. Lloyd attended engineering courses at the University of Technology, Loughborough prior to embarking on his undergraduate degree in Ergonomics / Human Factors

Given his combined expertise as a motorcyclist, accident reconstructionist and biomechanist, Dr. Lloyd is often called upon by both plaintiff and defense attorneys to provide expert witness testimony in motorcycle accident cases. Such cases have included solo motorcycle accidents, motorcycle v auto accidents, motorcycle v pedestrian accidents as well as accidents attributable to mechanical failure or maintenance. Critical issues, such as visibility and lighting, are addressed based on Dr. Lloyd’s expertise in human factors. Given his extensive experience in the research and development of helmets, Dr. Lloyd is also uniquely qualified to opine on motorcycle helmet protection issues, such as DOT v novelty helmets as well as right to choose.

Links to several of Dr. Lloyd’s online articles pertaining to motorcycle accident reconstruction and biomechanical evaluation of motorcycle helmets are presented below:

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