Certification in Reconstruction and Analysis of Motorcycle Accidents

The reconstruction and analysis of a motorcycle accident requires a specialized set of skills and knowledge beyond those required for typical four wheel vehicles. Dr. John Lloyd completed training in Reconstruction and Analysis of Motorcycle Accidents, hosted by SAE International.

John Lloyd PhD motorcycle accident reconstruction

Training included:

  • Identification of motorcycle accident causation from field studies
  • Identification pertinent engineering design parameters affecting motorcycle dynamics
  • Motorcycle motions both in plane and cornering
  • Characteristics and phases of motorcycle crashes
  • Identification, documentation, and analysis common types of vehicle and roadway evidence pertinent to motorcycle crashes
  • Use of physical evidence to reconstruct the motion of a motorcycle involved in a crash
  • Estimation of the rate at which a motorcycle decelerates during each phase of a crash
  • Calculating the speed a motorcycle travels during each phase of a crash sequence
  • Evaluating the steering and braking inputs a rider used before a crash
  • Identification of factors leading to a single vehicle motorcycle crash

Dr John Lloyd certified motorcycle accident expert