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Dr. Lloyd Talks with Ben Utecht about Concussions in Football

I recently attended and presented at the 66th annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, hosted by the City of Philadelphia. During my meeting I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes talking to retired football player, Ben Utecht.


Ben Utecht  is perhaps best known playing for the Indianapolis Colts (2004-2008), His best season was the 2006 season, with 37 receptions for 377 yards. In the 2006 postseason, Utecht had 5 receptions for 41 yards. He would then go on to help the Colts win Super Bowl XLI


Utecht, suffered five known concussions during his football career. By late 2011, at only 30 years old, he was experiencing memory loss, attributable to his football-related brain injuries.  

Ben and I spoke about the effects of his football-related brain injuries. He described several events, which concerned him, including loss of any memories of a good friend’s wedding. Though memories of past events continue to evade him, now retired from football, he is thankful that he is able to enjoy family life with his wife and daughters without further consequences, though he is concerned about the possibility of effects later in life.

Utecht has said that he might have quit football earlier had he known of the potential risks of multiple concussions. Utecht describes himself as an advocate for awareness about traumatic brain injury. 

I described my research regarding biomechanical evaluation of football helmets, which Ben found very interesting. He was especially excited about the prospect of developing a new generation of football helmets that promise improved protection against concussion and the long-term consequences of football-related brain injuries for football players of all ages.

Ben is also

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